Time... is it a living thing that it can be killed?
Is it a commodity that it can be wasted?
Can it be bought and sold?
We can make Time when we really want to.
There is never enough Time when we need it.
We are always running out of Time,
especially when we are standing still.
We all spend Time in different ways,
and once spent cannot recapture it.
Time seems to plod methodically on,
like the tides waiting for no one.
And like the tides, nothing
remains standing in its wake.
In the end, Time reduces all to dust...
like Death, the ultimate equalizer.
And yet, Time, too, can build.
Mountains grow over millennia,
or are worn down.
Continents drift leagues
across the shifting seabeds,
coming to rest in new climates.
Species evolve and adapt through Time.
Without the passage of time
there would be no diamonds
or coal or oil.
How remarkable a concept is Time.
Look at your watch...
spend your time wisely...
it's later than you think!