Life ebbs and flows
like the great Oceans' tides...
One day riding high
on the incoming crest,
Wallowing helplessly, waist-deep
in clinging sludge the next.

We live on the shifting shore,
Each day's sojourn a different beach.
Once sandy-soft,
pleasing to the toes,
Then rocky and harsh,
cutting wounds deep in naked feet.

In the wind-swept lagoon we compete
with scavenging crabs,
for tender morsels for our feast...
scurrying as do they
to beat the next surge
and all is once more washed away.

The relentless tide
alternately feeds and scours.
Depositing myriad opportunities
in its wake,
then, just as easily,
dashes them to bits on the rocks.

We have but a short time
in every new day
to find the treasures on the shore...
sieze and cherish them
'ere the crabs rise up
or the tide comes in once more.