Rabbit Hole - the final chapter
  by heinzs

At long last the decision made,
Alice turns her back on change
to quietly join the mainstream.
Deny opportunity, defy fate -
marry the boy next door
and live the 'normal' life.

Years pass in quiet suburbia.
Alice leads the PTA
and the school band boosters.
Three children, two cars and a cat.
Idyllic it seems, but somehow
all is not sublime in Smallville.

From the depths of the rabbit hole
the darkness wells up.
Dank mist spreads over land
and seeps through cracks in walls.
Reclaiming what is rightfully his,
the daemon touches Alice in her sleep.

Her mind snaps and all logic
escapes the broken cage.
Dementia takes hold
of the now blackened soul.
In the dead of night the deed is done -
her family lies bludgeoned in their beds.

Cackling madly, naked Alice
races through the streets
towards her final destiny.
The rabbit hole looms before her,
beckoning, engulfing her as she leaps.
At last she has returned home.