Love Potion

Extracts of herbs ,
collected by the Blood Moon.
Savory juices distilled
from esoteric fungi
lovingly harvested from
the forest floor at midnight.
A tuft of hair
surreptitiously stolen
from her hairbrush
when she wasn't looking.
The potion steeps
in Mother's cauldron.
Loving words evoke
the guardian spirits...
"As I will, so mote it be".
She carefully adds,
"... and it harm none."
The talisman is cast,
potion-soaked cotton
in an old cotton tea-bag.
Next to my heart,
the brown stain invisible
to all but myself.
I bolster all my courage
and approach her
the next morning.
"Hi... I notice you
come here often."
She smiles,
and the sparkle of that act
hits between the eyes
and throttles the throat.
"Why... yes! And I have
noticed you, too."
So begins our romance.
Would it have been the same
without the love potion?