Halloween 2001
(Blue moon)

Darkness brings the onslaught
of costumed innocents
seeking sugar-sweet gratification.
A tradition become mundane
and devoid of deeper meaning.

Waiting patiently in Death's repose
our predecessors bide their time.
Chuckling in delight at the antics
this holiday elicits from the sane
and rational minds of the living.

Then, once more, the stillness prevails.
The tummy aches assuaged
and peaceful slumbering abed,
the tumultuous mobs rest.
Wearily the parents, too, succumb.

In the quiet of the night
spirits rise to join the dance.
One night of freedom
from their earthly fetters...
a brief respite from silent eternity.

By moonlight's glow they gather...
greeting one another, old friends all.
With joyous shout evoke the Lords
of Light and Dark... twin brothers
in glad reunion this one night.

No mortals witness the joyful
congregation... its purpose to fulfill
an annual obligation of love.
The dance of souls commemorates
Life's passage and return.

In the early hours of dawn,
as sunlight's shadows grow,
the dancers take their respective leave
and return to the quiet of the tomb...
there to rest once more... sated.

The brothers, too, part company...
once more in seeming strife,
to compete for daily ascendancy.
Their secret partnership assures
Man's ever eventful life.