The futility of Free Will

As I lie here, emotions flow past and through me,
leaving little reminders of their passage as nicks and scars on my soul.
Eyes open or eyes shut--it matters not,
for what is there for me to see?

Hopes dashed, expectations perverted--
only stubbornness in the guise of perseverance carries me on.
There is no tragedy here--
only a pathetic miscarriage of free will.

Will--without direction.
Will--without purpose.
Will--without the common sense to stop at destruction.
Selfish Will, born in ignorance of the cosmic unity of all souls,
bent on instant gratification at any cost,
painfully undermining love and trust.

Reason must control Will.
Will unbound can only result in Chaos.
Yet Reason alone cannot suffice,
for it is cold and emotionless.

Unbind your heart and release your soul.
Unfettered you may feel the empathy of all life.
Temper action with thought
and let your modified Will traverse the boundless universe
truly Free.