Fall in San Francisco

The season's first rain,
an October event,
catches unwary tourists
surprised and unprepared.

Rain? In California?
Little do they know
the rain brings warmth
to break Summer's bitter cold.

Tropical winds carry storms
across the not-so-Pacific.
From far Hawaii to the west,
or Chile to the south.

Rain and wind - that's all.
Snow a rare event
to be marveled at
and commented by all.

Brown hills eagerly drink their fill,
soon to turn green
as lush new growth responds
to the long-awaited wet.

Pelicans and seals revel
on the docks, begging loudly
for the fishermen's scraps -
a veritable seafood feast.

The cool days shorten
while a uniform grey hue
spreads out over all
from overcast skies.

In the mist, the distant hills
take on the look of ghosts.
Images dim on the horizon
while bay waters, too, darken.

Downtown wakes anew,
anticipating the holidays.
Christmas plans already made
two days before Halloween.

The city bustles
with renewed vigor.
It is a time for joy,
a time for life!