Dormitory Lunch

Eagerly we take our designated place

at the long dining table of life.

The menu is varied, and we know

that there is ample to sustain

the needs of all of the diners.

But then, we are shocked to see,

at the head of the table,

the obscenely large portions

to which they help themselves.

Portions so large they could not

hope to consume, so most is waste.

Finally the serving platter comes to us,

and the meager crumbs and gristle

that remain seem hardly adequate

for our appetite, so we become resigned.

But wait! As we take a shy glance

towards the foot of the table,

such an incredibly long way away,

it becomes clear that,

should we take our fill of the trough,

there will be less to pass along

to those less fortunate even than we.

In deadly silence we pass the platter,

and we dare not look into the hungry eyes

nor dare we watch the rabid feeding frenzy

at either end of the table.