I want to touch you,
but I am afraid.
It has been such a long time...
have we grown to be
strangers together?

I long to touch you,
I wish to hold you near.
How can I reach
across the wake of time
and span this chasm of fear?

I want to hold you,
but I am not worthy.
I may have been once,
but as I am today,
how can I hope to please you?

I long to caress you,
but the when and the where
keep my hand away...
and in this state of fear,
how do I hope to dare?

I need to touch you,
it aches deep in my heart.
The grief so strong
I can no longer remain silent!
Can I hope that you hear me?

I need to be with you.
Something must change.
I cannot alone...
let it be together!
Else how long can we go on?

I want to change with you,
and in that change renew our vows.
Clear our hearts of spite
and once more, unified,
we can face the daily demons of our life.