Deeds shape our world.
Action piles up on action
like some monolithic brickwork.
Without the benefit of mortar,
the walls and monuments topple
and frequently fall in the winds of time.
Building begins anew atop the rubble.

Some deeds create gigantic,
solid blocks of stone
that survive the strongest blasts
and incautious whims of the ages.
Others form lumps of sandy clay
that disintegrate to dust
as soon as they come into being.

Then there are the deeds undone...
unkept promises, actions delayed
until no longer of any consequence.
Omissions that form gaping rifts
in the evolving wall.
Some gaps so large
whole Nations teeter on the precipice.

We sit precariously on the bricks,
adding to them with our deeds.
Whether stone or sand, or empty space,
we choose and place our blocks.
How long they will last before
they, too, join the toppled rubble
depends on how well we build with them.


revised 7.20.2001