Bronze Effigy

Lady Liberty,
Bronze effigy,
Guardian of freedom's gate,
Raise your lamp on high...
A symbol and beacon to all.
Withstanding the elements' erosion,
Your skin's patina...
Millions of children's pennies...
A tribute to Eiffel's genius.

Today your cheeks
Are tarnished with your tears,
Grief and sadness
For innocence lost.
Your own cherished harbor
A battlezone.
Your sons, brave lads,
Avenging your pain afar
In a distant land.

Terror cannot mold our hearts,
Nor enfeeble our souls and minds.
While with torch and book
In hand she stands,
Our resolve, too, stands proud.
So, too, our compassion
Must imbue our response
With logic and sense...
Not blind wrath's berserk chaos.

Together we will stand
On the ashes fallen mounds,
Resolute in purpose
Gentle peace to restore.
Lives lost not in vain,
But martyrs to freedom's cause.
Above all the bronze collossus
Bears witness to our fate...
And leads us forward with pride.