Silent Vigil

Light the candle..
Let it shine
for all the souls snuffed
by the terrorists' whim.

Hug your children...
Make it count
for all those children
who'll ne'er be hugged again.

Kiss your partner...
Live the passion
for all those now bereaved
whose loved ones' lips lie cold.

Pray for peace...
Don't let this
heinous act propel us
into global conflict.

Response in kind
only furthers the evil goal.
Self-martyr'd, self-righteous...
only they can win.
Their will must be denied.

Unite your wills...
strengthen your resolve
that the evildoers' seeds
shall not bear their bitter fruit.

Let the lives lost
cauterize our purpose,
and the final outcome
be a World united for one goal.

Let sanity and reason
the hatemongers derail,
and in the coming season
may love and peace prevail.